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Long Arm Crunch And Reverse Crunch For Strengthening Abs

Long Arm Crunch And Reverse Crunch For Strengthening Abs

Most people instead of buying expensive equipment for exercise prefer to do exercises that can be done at home without paying a lot of money and which are easy.
Many exercise routines can be followed to fulfill this purpose.

The long arm crunch is considered a very good and effective exercise when it comes to the building of abs muscle. It is almost the same as regular floor crunch exercise with the addition of straightening the arms behind your back.

The addition of the arms being straight behind your back makes the exercise a little more challenging and difficult. This shift in position also promotes the stress on the upper part of the abdomen and not just the lower abdomen and the waist.

While this exercise does focus on one major part, all the exercises that you adapt in one way or another do work the whole rectus abdominis muscles.

The procedure to follow for doing this exercise is to lie on an exercise mat.
Then extend both your arms behind your back and clamp the hands together.
Let the arms touch your ears. Contract the abdominal muscles and try lifting the shoulders from the floor. Keep your arms in a straightened position and be careful as not to strain your neck or it would get painful.
In case you feel some pain in the neck, let your neck rest on one arm while keeping the other arm in a straightened position.
Repeat the steps 12 times in sets of 3.

The reverse crunch is another very useful exercise that can be done to strengthen your ab muscles and work on your rectus abdominis muscles.
This exercise focuses more on the lower abs even though the whole muscle is being worked at.
To perform this exercise, lie on the floor.
You then have the option of either placing the hands beside you or at the back of your head.
Bring the knees closer to the chest with the feet crossed over each other.
Contract the abs to twist the hips from the floor, while taking the legs towards the top.
Repeat the steps at least 12 times and pull at least 3 sets.

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